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On Friday, November 26, 2021 and as part of EXPOCARGA 2020, the Forum "MOBILITY 4.0: For an Efficient and Sustainable Mobility in Uruguay" will be held at the Punta del Este Convention Center in an effort to promote the application of new forms of sustainable mobility in the country, particularly in public and freight transport.



The conference room with capacity for 250 people will be the space for organizations and institutions that regulate and disseminate the development of appropriate regulations and the implementation of innovative technologies, promoting sustainable and safe transport, through alternative energies to fossil fuel.

At the same time, there will be a space for companies that try to develop a low-carbon transport system, they will demonstrate their technological options, and the cultural change that the dissemination, replication, monitoring and evaluation of this type of transport implies.



Sponsors, visitors and the general public who access the event have free access to EXPOCARGA
2021, as well as the benefits and discounts reported at the time in food, transfers and spaces
commercials at the event.



With any of the SPONSOREOS, companies, institutions and organizations will have access to communication plans and a general presence at EXPOCARGA 2021. For example: place between panelists or speakers, posters, place in communications (news, notices, etc. ), web and social networks.

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